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St. Kate’s has a streamlined admission process – no application fee, no GRE test, and 无必修课程 -加快都市固体废物入厂过程.

如果你有问题,不要犹豫,联系你的 入学辅导员. 他们是来帮忙的!



现在接受2023年夏/秋入学申请. The application priority deadline is January 10 for summer/fall enrollment. Applications received after the priority deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis. For best consideration for scholarships, all applicants are encouraged to apply early.



To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • 学位: A completed bachelor's or graduate degree from an institution that is accredited by one of the 区域认证组织 (e.g. 高等教育事务委员会). 高等级学生的BSW必须来自 社会工作教育顾问(CSWE) 认证机构.  Advanced Standing students  must have completed a bachelor's degree with an accredited social work major.

  • 平均绩点: 累计平均绩点(GPA)为3.0 (B)或更高.0规模. 如果申请人的GPA低于3.0, 必须提交一份解释性陈述,说明影响以前学业表现的任何因素, 以及申请人如何计划确保未来的学业成功. 如果你不确定你的累计GPA,请使用这些 指令 as a guide to help you determine if an explanatory statement is necessary.

  • 必备的课程. 2023年新增——没有必修课程要求 以申请定期进修课程.


提醒:当你选择你的赛道, note that Advanced Standing (AS) is for those that already have a BSW; Regular Standing (RS) is for all other applicants.  另外, 有许多不同的格式选项(1, 2年和3年的AS或2, 3年及4年(RS). Please research and consider carefully which format will work best for you when completing the application. 注意这一点也很重要, 城市生活垃圾招生委员会可能会根据之前的学习成绩或其他因素,为申请人提供不同的(可能更长的)录取路径.


在完成本页底部的在线申请之前,请阅读下面的申请说明. 如果你对pt视讯官网的都市固体废物/MAHS双学位感兴趣,请 使用这些应用程序说明.


准备一篇文章,展示书面沟通能力,并阐明你在攻读社会工作研究生课程的目的. 累计绩点在3分以下的申请人.0还必须包括解释性陈述. 请在不同的文章中提交一份关于以下内容的文件,如果提交解释性陈述,请在同一份文件中提供单独标题的部分.

请注意:当前的St. 凯特的 BSW students applying to the Accelerated MSW program are required to submit a different essay prompt. Please see information sent to you from the BSW program director, for details.


This section of the essay provides an opportunity to demonstrate your written communication skills, 了解与社会工作有关的问题, ability to critically assess the dimensions of the issue and present a coherent presentation. 使用正式的引用(如有需要)来支持你的观点. Answering this part will also prompt consideration for the MSW Social Justice Mission Scholarship. (最多1500字)

确定和批判性地评估一个重要的问题,专业社会工作者现在和未来十年. Provide evidence to support your assessment; include citations. Incorporate your own perspective on the role and responsibility of social workers relevant to this issue.


A. Identify your professional goals and discuss how the MSW program at St. pt视讯厅, 重点是临床社会工作实践, 会帮助你实现这些目标吗. 提供具体的例子. (最多500字)
B. Identify and reflect on your strengths and limitations relative to professional social work. Consider how both will contribute to your success in the field of social work. 坦率地列举自己的优点, 并说明你是如何处理的, 或者正在管理, 你在专业社会工作方面的局限. (最多500字)


如果你是一个不符合最低3.0累计GPA要求, please include an explanation of factors that affected previous academic performance, 还有你确保研究生学业成功的计划. This statement should be limited to 400 words and is in addition to the essay described above.

如你已递交都市固体废物申请表, 你可以通过你的申请状态页面上传你的文章(在你提交申请时提供了访问状态页面的说明). 请在陈述中加上你的全名.

如果您希望在申请都市固体废物之前提交论文, or if you are unable to upload the document to your Application Status page, 您可以将声明作为附件通过电子邮件发送给 graduateadmission@coursecatalog.iphonephysics.com 以“都市固体废物论文”为题.


提交当前的résumé. Please differentiate between paid work experience and volunteer activities. Indicate whether the experience/activity was part-time or full-time in nature, 并注明入职/志愿工作的日期.

如你已递交都市固体废物申请表, 您可以通过您的申请状态页面上传您的résumé(在您提交申请时提供了访问状态页面的说明)。.

如你希望在申请都市固体废物前提交résumé, or if you are unable to upload the document to your Application Status page, 您可以将résumé作为附件通过电子邮件发送给 graduateadmission@coursecatalog.iphonephysics.com 标题注明“MSW 的简历”.


两个 都市固体废物申请人须获推荐. (2023年新增 ——以前,需要三个推荐.)

MSW recommendation forms must be completed by individuals who can attest to the intellectual ability, 申请人的专业能力和领导能力. Only professional or academic references will be considered; personal references are not acceptable. References must complete both the checklist and the accompanying statement sections of the form.

当填妥都市固体废物申请表的“建议”一栏后,将会发送有关推荐表格的连结. 请提前通知您的推荐人,以期待来自St. pt视讯厅. These are confidential recommendations submitted directly from the references to the Office of 研究生 Admission; applicants who wish to view the recommendations are responsible for making the appropriate arrangements with their references.


成绩单 are required from each post-secondary institution attended (including PSEO coursework), even if courses are recorded on another transcript and regardless of the number of credits earned. NOTE: Joint Services (formerly SMART) military transcripts are accepted, but not required. 用于初次审查你的申请, pt视讯官网将接受直接从机构发送的正式成绩单或官方或非官方成绩单的扫描件. 所有文件必须是最新的,并包括您的姓名, 机构名称, 所修课程及所获成绩及学位(如适用). pt视讯官网将不接受您所在机构网站的截图或学生门户网站的学位评估. 非官方成绩单可以通过你的申请人状态页面上传(一旦你开始申请,链接就会发送),也可以作为附件发送到 graduateadmission@coursecatalog.iphonephysics.com.  

在接受offer之后, 申请人必须在注册课程前提交学士学位和研究生学位(如适用)授予机构的正式成绩单. 纸质成绩单必须直接从每个机构的注册主任邮寄到St. pt视讯厅. 不符合这些标准的成绩单将被视为非官方的,不会被用于完成申请人的档案. Electronic transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to St. 凯瑟琳(graduateadmission@coursecatalog.iphonephysics.com); electronic transcripts forwarded by the applicant will not be accepted.


高级申请人必须提交一份来自其本科社会工作计划的高级实地工作评估的副本. 申请人可以从自己的记录中提交一份评估副本(如果他们在毕业后保留了文书工作). 否则, 申请人应联系他们本科院校的社会工作部门,并要求将一份副本发送到St. pt视讯厅. 如果评估已经不在文件里了, the social work department should submit a brief letter of explanation to our office. 尚未完成高级实习的学生可以提交一份初级实习评估的副本. 您可以通过电子邮件将实地调查评估作为附件提交给 graduateadmission@coursecatalog.iphonephysics.com 标题注明“都市固体废物实地工作评估”.


Applicants whose native language is not English are required to complete the 英语作为一门外语考试 (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 550 on the paper-based test or 80 on the iBT, or the 国际英语语言测试系统 (雅思)最低6分.5. 已经达到ELS等级112或更高的申请人可以提交这些分数来代替托福或雅思. 对于在美国完成学士学位或研究生学位的申请人,这一要求被免除.


在美国以外完成学院或大学学位的申请人必须从美国提交一份官方的课程评估 世界教育服务(WES) or SpanTran. Original transcripts and official translations of all documents not in English must also be included. 除了, 如果您正在申请pt视讯官网的高级课程,并在美国或加拿大以外的地方完成BSW课程, 你还必须完成一个 CSWE证书评估 作为申请过程的一部分. All costs related to document translation and evaluation are the applicant’s responsibility.


请查看所有申请说明. 一旦你提交了在线申请, 您可以访问您的申请状态页面上传任何证明文件(访问状态页面的说明在您提交申请时通过电子邮件发送). If you are unable to upload electronic documents to your Application Status page, 您可以通过电子邮件将项目作为附件发送到 graduateadmission@coursecatalog.iphonephysics.com. 纸质文件可邮寄至:

St. pt视讯厅
St. 保罗,MN 55105

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their application is completed by the deadline. The Admission Committee will not review your application until we have received all required documents. Fulfillment of the admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. 所有证书将不退还给申请人.


以下信息适用于非美国国籍的申请人.S. 公民或永久居民.



更早的截止日期可能适用于国际申请人,以确保所有移民要求都能及时满足,让你在所需的学期入学. 联系你的 入学辅导员 有问题的.



美国.S. 政府要求国际申请者提供支付学费和生活费的能力证明,然后大学才能签发获得签证所需的表格. 国际申请人必须提交一份 财务证明 form.


Some international applicants may be required to submit additional documentation, 比如证书评估, 语言测试成绩, 等. Please review the application 指令 for your graduate program for more information.


Email your 入学辅导员 at any time, or call us during office hours (8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.).